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Medical treatment

Patients are our main focus. A unique intervention must be shown for each patient. Personal relationships, communication, compassion, listening, awareness, respect and involvement of patients in their treatment are key features of our patient-centered service

Medical literacy

Our team, as well as the hospital, strives to achieve maximum efficiency: by working in a well-organized manner and maximizing efficiency with minimal waste

Qualified physicians

what do you know about the ratings that you see on the internet? You may have to choose the right person. The Azer-Iran Clinic will help you choose the right doctor for the ratings you rely on

Sağlamlıq sahəsindəki biliklərimizi
insanlarla bölüşməyə əhəmiyyət veririk.

You have a complaint that depends on your robustness? It is the first application of the time, and the first application is the mərkəz məhz Azər-iran clinic.
Your robustness is our religion…



Heart valve diseases can be congenital and acquired. The most common liver disease in our country is associated with rheumatism, which is most often spent in childhood (5-15 years). If the disease is not treated with medication then surgical treatment is initiated.

Traumatology and orthopedics are one of the most important areas of clinical medicine and are involved in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joints, joints, joints of the spinal column.

Neurology is a well-known part of the medical system diseases. Neurology Center and all the categories of the peripheral nervous system, diseases (its subdivisions, autonomic nervous system and somatic nervous system); its winter, blood veins and all its tissues are also included.

Arterial inflammation is caused by vascular diseases (atherosclerosis), accompanied by a violation of blood supply of tissues. Conditioning is the connection of the vessels with another vein below the affected area. As a result, the damaged blood vessel is restored. Flebectomy, segmental varicectomy, etc. Such operations are performed during varicose veins expansion.

is part of the animal and human body, and is located between the head and the body. In mammals; The sternum is the body region, which is transformed by thoracic vertebrae and ribs. It extends from the neck to the diaphragm. The heart and lungs become thoracic. These thoracic regions are protected by the internal organs, sternum and chest.

General Surgery is a technical discipline that combines common issues (such as wound healing, metabolic and endocrine response to injury) and directly affects many surgical and basic medical areas, along with surgical treatment of systemic and local complications in the body.

Health is unique,
trust the best

The main objective: We have shown our commitment to international standards and to show premium medical services.

We are here for you

The title of the proper diaqnosis and arbitrary remuneration.


Our mission is to show the highest standards and services to all segments, to show them the three of them, to know the three of them, and to the workers of the world, to help the workers’ staff and the last one found in the world in foreign hospital technology, the current account and the exemption scholarships are applicable.